TRACeD: Let’s tackle cyberviolence now!

Our latest project on tackling cyberviolence against women and girls not only raises awareness about this phenomenon, but also empowers school and university students on their rights, in addition to providing support to victims and potential victims of cyberviolence.

Through TRACeD you learn:

  • What’s cyberviolence?
  • Who is affected by cyberviolence?
  • What’s the aim of TRACeD?

The TRACeD platform is aimed at children, adolescent girls, university students and young women, parents, teachers or professionals working close with girls and young women (psychologists, social workers, criminologists, legal experts, etc), as well as anyone interested in or impacted by gender-based violence online.

  • Who can benefit?

Cyber Guardians can provide you with psychosocial and legal support, as well as practical advice on dealing with incidents of gender-based violence online.

  • What kind of support can I find on the platform?

Share your concerns and one of our Cyber Guardians will answer you as soon as possible.

  • How does the Helpchat work?


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